The Artwork of Michael W Rose

The Journey

My goal is to take harness the power of the "suggestive" versus painting "reality"! . To try and capture the  essence of the scene. I want my work to reach out and touch the emotional side of who we are. To convey the quiet majesty of the world around us. As Edgar Payne wrote - The goal is to not be a journalist but a poet.

The Trees of Georgia

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This is a painting of an evening sunset on a side street over in Flowery Branch Georgia
This color study is of a sunset here in Georgia. i am working to move more towards adding abstract elements to my realism. This will enable me to be more expressive in my work.
We were fortunate one morning to be out in the corn fields at sunrise and witnessed this beautiful sky scene. Truly Iowa!
Trying to move more towards moody, tonalist direction.
Working to capture the soft light and heavy atmosphere you find in the northern Georgia mountains.