The Artwork of Michael W Rose

Artist Statement

I receivied my degree in Art from California State University in Fullerton, California. I worked in Aerospace for many years. I continued to paint as the job and family life permitted.  Since I retired I am able to spend more time painting.  I love the work of turn of the century California and Russian impressionist and realist and several of today’s landscape artists. 

 I fell in love with the Iowa landscape.  It has beautiful light, wide open skies and well tended farm fields that stretch from horizon to horizon. Since moving to Georgia I have begun to explore its landscape.  The most notable difference fron Iowa is the heavier atmosphere and how that affects the landscape.  I first do sketches to develop the composition and focus in on what is drawing me to that scene. I then do a small plein-air, or color study, on location to capture the light, color and atmospheric conditions – no way to get that with a photograph. On occasion I will return several times to the same scene to paint a number of color studies. Applying on-site experience, sketches, photographs and plein-air studies I will then do a larger painting back in the studio

My current focus is to combine realistic elements with an abstract approach. I am drawn to the increaed ambiguity this creats in my work. 

I hope you enjoy the work!

Michael W. Rose